Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So much has happened over the last couple of months! In a nutshell: an internship, a new job, and an engagement! Meaning there hasn't been a lot of time for my lazy ass to really do a lot of baking at home.

Thanksgiving, however, was a different story. Since we couldn't go home, we decided to cook up a storm here in the city, making everything from a 14 lb bird (more than enough for our party of three) to homemade cranberry sauce, and of course, pumpkin pie.

I wanted something a little different than the traditional pumpkin pie though, and tried adding some cheesecake - hence the white and orange swirls above. While the effect was pretty, the pumpkin flavor was really so strong that if I'd eaten it with my eyes closed, I wouldn't have missed the cheesecake.

Anyway, some bourbon caramel, candied deep-fried pecans, and good old vanilla ice cream rounded out the dessert plate. Yum! (Forgive the iPhone photo, my camera decided to be stupid and stop working.)

Happy holidays!!