Monday, April 5, 2010

Anniversary Cake, part II

Last year my lovely fiance's coworker, An Inspired Husband, requested my assistance in recreating their wedding cake for his wife as a surprise for their fifth anniversary. This year, similarly inspired, another coworker, let's call him Thoughtful Hubby, asked for us to do the same for his wife.

The cake below is a vanilla-vanilla cake, with raspberry buttercream filling, a la the original from Sweet Lisa's in Connecticut.

Their wedding cake was a massive tower of hexagonal and circular tiers, and despite being much smaller (it was meant for only two people after all), it was a little more challenging and time-consuming to cut and cover the hexagonal layer without the aid of a shaped pan. Nevertheless, it turned out well - Thoughtful Hubby told J. that his wife thought he'd gone back to the original bakery!

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